Why You Should Consider a Staffing Firm

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Managing new-hire recruitment is time consuming and requires a level of human resource (HR) experience a company may not have available. The Houston Chronicle points out that a staffing firm often has HR expertise in job placement, market and employment trends, and industry knowledge that is superior to individual HR skills.

reasons to work with a staffing agency

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The amount of time and money a company dedicates to the recruitment, new-hire training, and additional payroll management is substantially reduced when a staffing agency handles the process. Smaller companies particularly realize substantial savings and tax benefits when a staffing firm acts as initial recruitment and payroll/tax intermediary between employer and employee.

High turnover is costly and lowers department morale within a company, and a staffing firm reduces the failure factor when choosing qualified applicants for a position. Quite simply, the staffing agency has a bigger and better field from which to choose qualified applicants. Employers gain the added benefit of ensuring an employee is a good fit before making the formal offer of employment.

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