What First Dates and Interviews Have In Common

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I’m really good at first dates, says business analyst Javann Jones. Jones is a successful businessman and blogger who has nailed his job interviews. First dates, like job interviews, are an assessment situation. Here are five interviewing tips:

interview tips

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  1. Make a good first impression. Dress to impress. Bring the good handshake and smile.
  2. Google your interviewer to find out what you have in common. Check their LinkedIn or Facebook pages.
  3. Anticipate the conversation and potential questions. Practice. Rehearse your interview answers until you know them without thinking.
  4. Relax. Enjoy the process. Proper preparation, a confident attitude and friendly demeanor puts your best foot forward.
  5. You’ve “gotta be you” and that’s more than good enough, because you’re great! Walk, talk, and sit like someone who likes themselves. If the shoe fits, you’ll land the job.

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