Want Job Recruiters to Notice You?

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The competition for entry-level to experienced jobs is fierce, according to Forbes, and if job recruiters are the only way you can get a job interview with a good company, you need to stand out from the crowd. You already know what recruiters look for, so what else can you do to better your chances?

Get the names of recruiters in your area and check out their Twitter sites. Follow them. Re-tweet their tweets; make interesting and savvy but always professional comments.

Recruiters surf this site, so make yours awesome. Emphasize what you can do to help a company and increase its productivity and profits. Put as much information about you, your education, experience, as you can. Make sure to post a good photograph.

If you are active in your community, include that information on your resume; it will make a better impression on recruiters. Helping others accomplishes more than give-back. The activity itself increases your networking prospects.

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