Tips on Professional Email Etiquette

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The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, even the way we think. When you email job applications/resumes, how do you maintain the professional email etiquette that is required but still be personable enough to capture the attention of a potential employer?

Dear john email


Subject Line

  • The subject line is the hook - Make sure the first thing your recipients see is an email subject line that is interesting enough for them to open.


  • Get a name - They will be flattered you took the time to research their company’s decision-makers.

Message Body

  • Explain exactly who you are and what you want. Write using concise language and keep your message short. Don’t try to dazzle them with wordy brilliance.
  • Please, no smiley faces! Save that for friends. :)
  • Spellcheck - What you say may be important, but if there are misspellings, it undermines your message.

Signature Line

  • Sincerely, First Name and Last Name is all you need but often listing your phone number below your name can be helpful.

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