Tips for Keeping Your Current Job While Finding a New One

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When you are currently employed and job-hunting, potential employers see you as operating from a position of strength, not necessity. But we all know that finding a job while keeping one is tricky; you don’t want to risk losing your current job. offers these tips to help you:

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  • Don’t tell co-workers or your manager you are job hunting, no matter how close you are. And it’s not a good idea to use them as references.
  • Don’t use your company’s phone, fax, copier, email, etc. to search for a new job. Not only is it unethical, communications are often monitored. Use your personal email, phone and home address as contact information on applications and your resume.
  • Schedule interviews before/after work or during lunch breaks. If you must take time off work for an interview, tell your boss you are taking off for personal reasons; don’t lie about illness or a death in the family.
  • Don’t give notice until you have a job offer in writing.

If that sounds like a lot of “don’ts,” here’s something you should do: Call 888-791-6089 or contact us. StaffNet will help you find the companies that offer you the best potential for growth and working environment.