Tips for Getting Past the Gatekeepers In Your Job Search

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Is it our imagination or can job hunting feel like a passive-aggressive war? On one hand, you want to show them the positive, talented, and conscientious person you are. On the other, you want to rip right through the competition and bowl the company gatekeepers over so you can land an interview already.

Getting past company gatekeepers


Those pesky gatekeepers are often the ones who block your resume from getting to the “Yes!” pile. Here are some tips for how to get past them.

  1. The friends and family plan. Use your friends, contacts, LinkedIn network, etc., and find a way into the inner-sanctum. Connections matter. That’s the bottom line, so don’t hesitate to use yours with the reminder that you will happily repay the favor when you can.
  2. Go back to school. Contact your alma mater’s alumni center and start doing some research. You might find a connection you didn’t even know existed.
  3. Pick up the phone. Old school, right? However, picking up the phone and getting in touch with someone in person can have surprisingly positive results.

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