Tips for Getting Great LinkedIn Recommendations

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There’s no denying it: social media has changed the way we do everything, including job hunting and staff searching. Employers are using LinkedIn as another way to verify potential employee experience and references.

Flagship business magazine Forbes says LinkedIn recommendations are important to employers, and that makes them important to you. After you’ve created your LinkedIn profile, follow these tips:

Using LinkedIn to get a Job


Ask to be Recommended

  1. Place your cursor over your picture.
  2. Select Privacy & Settings.
  3. Select Manage Your Recommendations.
  4. Select Ask for Recommendations.

Space Requests Over Time
Start today. Don’t wait until you’ve interviewed for a job to ask all of your contacts for recommendations that are tailored to that job. Requests are time stamped; your interviewer(s) can tell if your recommendations are sincere or rushed.

Customize All Requests for Recommendation
It’s easy to send out generic requests. Instead, choose your people or endorsements carefully; specify how each person can help you.

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