Tips for Attracting and Retaining Employees With Motivation

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A new Gallup survey reveals that only 13% of workers are actively engaged in the day to day activities on their job. That statistic is pretty grim. When a company looks at statistics like this, it is easy to assume that most employees are not motivated to excel. Rather than put all the blame on your employees, take some time to figure out what you can do as a company to attract and retain motivated employees.

tips to motivating employees


You can start to attract and retain motivated employees by locating them through your marketing efforts. In the days before the internet, companies would put a random ad in the newspaper in the hopes they will find the right candidate. Now you can use social media tools, like LinkedIn, to find employees who may be a match for your needs.

The work environment affects how inspired your employees are day to day. Promote open conversations with your employees during weekly meetings about how you can support them in doing a better job. Simple adjustments can make the difference between a mediocre and stellar employee.

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