The 4 Rs: How to Properly Prepare for an Important Interview

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Some people with excellent, marketable skills and strong work experience lose it at the interview level. It’s normal to be nervous about a job interview, but preparing for a job interview properly will help you relax and maybe even enjoy the discussion. WorkSource has some tips to help you ace the interview:

interview tips


Learn about the company you’re interviewing with and have at least one question about that company or industry previously prepared. Tell your interviewer exactly how you believe your skills can help attain the company’s goals.

Practice in front of a mirror and with another person. Learn your lines just as if you were an actor. No matter how terrible your last employment was, don’t diss the company or your ex-boss.

Being punctual is critical! Allow 30 minutes for unexpected delays rather than rush in, harried and late. First impressions matter. Your interview clothing should be clean and ready to grab at a moment’s notice.

Always follow up afterwards. It is a great idea to send thank you email or card thanking your interviewer for their time.

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