Questions an Interviewer Should Never Ask

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There is a knack to interviewing and producing the right results so that you get the staff you need for your business. The best way to go about interviewing is to target what you will need from your new employer and ask questions that will reveal if the interviewee could be the right fit. Here are a few things not to do when interviewing potential employees.

  • Don’t have them repeat their resume - If you already know the answer to a question from reading a resume then there is really no reason to ask them for the same information.
  • What is their favorite color? Questions along these lines are not really going to give you any insight to someones personality. Instead ask thoughtful questions about how they dealt with common situations that they may come up against in their new job.
  • Leave the riddles for later - Trying to catch someone out with riddle like questions may not help anyone. Target questions to let your interviewee demonstrate their ability.

To get the most from your interviews, review your methods and change up the things that may not be working.

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