Putting in Your 2 Weeks’ Notice? Follow These Tips

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We always advise our candidates to do their best to keep on-the-job relationships positive and professional, especially during the weeks prior to leaving the company. Giving two weeks’ notice puts you in workplace limbo, an uncomfortable position. You want to transition out as smoothly as possible so your exit will be on a positive note. EmploymentGuide.com has some helpful tips that will make your move a better one:

Letter of resignation

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  • Two weeks’ notice is appropriate and the right thing to do. There are companies, however, that tell you to leave right then. Give your 2 weeks’ notice regardless of whether you are aware of their policy. If they choose to let you leave earlier, that is their option, but it’s important to do the right thing and also be prepared that your last day might be the day you resign.
  • Resign gracefully and tell your current company about your new job as soon as possible. Offer to recruit/train a replacement for your job if possible.
  • Tell your manager/employer face-to-face before you formally submit your resignation. Explain why you are quitting in the most positive terms possible. Submit your official resignation in writing, and tell your employer what you’ve learned and liked about working there.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your supervisors and co-workers from the company you are leaving. Keep in touch from time to time and say hello. Always maintain current contact information on previous supervisors. You never know when you might need to reach out for a reference some day.

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