Phone Skills You Need for Job Seeking

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Young businesswoman speaking on phone


One of the things that you will encounter a lot during a job search is the phone interview. Many employers prefer to do phone interviews before they do an in-person interview. The following are few tips to help you maintain proper phone etiquette in order to improve your chances of landing the job:

  • Always introduce yourself b You should introduce yourself carefully and let the person you are speaking to know how you heard about the job opening. This will make you seem more prepared and poised.
  • Have paperwork on hand b You should have your resume and references on hand before the phone interview commences so that you can provide any information that is asked for immediately.
  • Practice b Jot down a list of possible questions and practice answering them in order to fully prepare yourself for the interview.
  • Avoid distractions b Make sure to plan ahead so that you can find a quiet place to have a phone interview. You donbt want kids running around and making noise in the background.

Use these tips to prepare for a phone interview and contact us at StaffNet for additional job hunting advice.