Make Sure Your Telephone Skills Are Up to Date With These Tips

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Featured | Comments Off on Make Sure Your Telephone Skills Are Up to Date With These Tips

Finding the perfect job for you isn’t always an easy task, especially in a job market that can be competitive or difficult. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you give off a good first impression, even when you’re on the phone with a potential employer. Use these interview phone tips to make sure you land a face-to-face interview so you can get the job youbve been dreaming of.

Phone interview tips


  • Make sure you open each conversation with a proper greeting just like you would in person. Believe it or not, even busy people interviewing potential candidates for a job are aware of how polite and courteous you are.
  • Always explain the reason you are calling briefly at the beginning of the conversation. This is especially important if you’re following up on an interview that you’ve already been to in order to find out if you’re still being considered for the position.
  • Smile with your voice. It might sound strange, but actually keeping a smile on your face like you might in an interview will help you come across positive.

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