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File Clerks  

Staff Net's file clerks are individuals who are capable of basic alphabetical and numerical filing. They are also capable of very basic office office tasks such as handling general paperwork, organizing and sorting.


General office clerks  

Staff Net's general office clerks are skilled in very basic office proceedures. Examples include: faxing, xeroxing, handling paperwork, filing, sorting, stapling, coallating, and other misc. basic office projects.



Staff Net's receptionists are skilled in answering 1-10 telephone lines with up to 10 extensions on various telephone systems. They possess excellent telephone manner and are articulate. They are courteous at all times and are neat in appearance/dress to greet visitors of the company.


Switchboard Operators  

Same job description as receptionist. However, these individuals are capable of answering multi-line telephone systems of up to 10+ incoming lines and 10+ extensions.


Data entry operators  

Staff Net's data entry operators are capable of entering alphabetical or numeric information into the computer. We have people who are capable of entering with accuracy or speed or both.
Our data entry operators are capable of entering information at the rate of 5,000 keystokes (entry level) per hour up to 15,000 keystrokes per hour (advanced level). They are capable of entering this information keypad style (with the keypad to the left of the keyboard or typewriter style with the keypad up at the top of the keyboard or alternatively, the old keypunch style with the keys being inverted using the keypad style. Evaluation results available upon request.



Staff Net's typists are capable of typing information into the computer or on a older manual typewriter. They are capable of typing straight text up to more sophisticated documents such as proposals and manuscripts. Our typists vary in typing speed. They start out at very entry level typing speeds of 25 wpm and range up to 100+ wpm. All typists are evaluated to determine their speed and accuracy levels. Evaluation results are released per client request.


Word Processors  

Staff Net's word processors are capable of typing information into the computer in various software programs. When they arrive in our offices they fill out a supplement that indicates their comfort levels on all types of various software programs. At Staff Net, we normally will evaluate their skills on Microsoft office products such as Microsoft word, Powerpoint and Excel, if they indicated a comfort level in those areas. Once an evaluation is administered, we can retrieve results. Our system will identify individuals who are best suited for basic word processing skills, intermediate word processing skills and advanced functions. We would be happy to provide the names of the extensive list of software and their related functions that Staff Net is capable of evaluating applicants on, per client request. At the same time, we would be happy to release evalution results, per client request.


Sales & Marketing Professionals  

Staff Net's sales and marketing professionals are capable of related functions such as booth attendants at sales/marketing shows, direct sales events, telemarketing and marketing coordinators. They are extremely professional in appearance, as well as, diction. They are normally outgoing, enthusiastic individuals. They vary in experience level.


Accounting -all levels-  

Staff Net's accounting candidates range in levels. From basic accounting clerks who are fluent with 10-key calculator adding machines and responsible for accounts payables/receivables up to general ledger and reconciliations. Staff Net provides individuals who can operate on manual or computerized accounting systems.


Office Managers  

Staff Net's office managers are individuals who are experienced in handling most office proceedures. In addition to this, is their most valued asset of managing people within the organization. They maintain a high amount of professionalism, confidentiality and integrity. They are approachable and capable of being the liason between the employer and the employee in delicate matters.



Staff Net Managers are very high level professionals who have been active in managing in various levels in the business world. They are normally individuals who have worked themselves up to this level. They are people who possess savvy business sense. They use good judgement at all times and are capable of decision making. Managers encompass a wide varying degree of experience. We will be happy to discuss your management need in depth since it is an integral part of any organization.


Law Clerks  

Staff Net's law clerks are individuals who are capable of basic functions within a law firm. These people will assist in courtroom settings, misc. office functions.


Legal Secretaries  

Staff Net's has a wide variety legal secretaries with various legal specialities. They are capable of multi-tasking, typing (at all various levels and software programs), assisting legal assistants, preparing and filing motions. On more advanced levels, they are capable of discovery, interrogatories, dictation, screening new clients, billing, contact with the various courts. They are capable of working for one or more attorneys.



Staff Net's paralegals are responsible for answering directly to the attorney's or office managers. Their duties include: research, extensive computer skills, assisting the attorney with caseload, possess excellent writing skills.



Staff Net's lawyers are high level professionals who are degreed in the practice of law. They have various speciality interests and various levels of experience.
Credentials and references are available upon request.



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