Introvert Interview Skills: Promoting Yourself to Extroverts

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Introverted workers are valued due to their focus, but to get the job you want, you need to learn some of the interview skills that come naturally to extroverts. Especially when your interviewer is an extrovert. Here are some introvert interview tips to help you impress your extroverted interviewer:

Blonde woman shaking hands while having an interview in office


  • Speak consistently during your interview, and watch for your interviewer’s body language signals because he/she probably has a short attention span.
  • If your interviewer is controlling the interview with his/her own observations, interrupt with enthusiasm, not attitude. Extroverts do it and that’s how they dominate conversations. Don’t be rude, but this is your time to shine and toot your own horn. Don’t miss that opportunity.
  • When your extrovert interviewer interrupts you, try not to be thrown off balance. Get back in the game as fast as possible.
  • Introverts tend to keep their ideas to themselves. Share your thoughts and ask questions about the company and the job. Your interviewer will respect your honesty and interest, and recognize your enthusiasm to work with and for their organization.

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