How to Look for a Job While You’re Still Employed

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Looking for a job while you’re still employed can be complicated and intimidating; there you are, covertly looking into other companies and positions, sprucing up cover letters and resumes while outwardly acting like everything’s normal.

Searching for a job while already employed


To make sure you’re going about it the correct way, here are a few dos and don’ts when looking for a job while employed.

  1. Do keep quiet. Even friends with the best intentions can slip up with a “how’s the job search” query in the break room. If looking for a new job will threaten your current one, don’t talk about your job search to coworkers.
  2. Don’t use work time or equipment. It’s disrespectful to use your current work time to look for a new job and future employers might be turned off by that as well. Use your break or lunches and your own computer for the search.
  3. Do keep up the good work. Don’t let your performance slack as you get more excited about job prospects. If your current employer or manager is contacted, you want their most recent impression of you to be a good one.

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