How to Accept Your Job Offer

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Accepting a job is an exciting experience, and one which will hopefully pave the way to a new era in your life. The company will be waiting to hear from you, so it is important you send out your acceptance not only as soon as possible but in the correct way.

what to do with a job offer

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Here are some proper ways to accept, or decline, a job offer:

  • Accepting a high level job.B You will likely be presented with both a verbal and formal offer letter. Along with your signed offer letter, and a letter of written confirmation, you should also accept the job verbally. This means contacting everyone with whom you interacted during the interview process.
  • Accepting an entry level job. You may or may not be presented with an offer letter.B Some companies, especially if smaller, extend just verbal offers and some do both verbal and an offer letter.B Be sure to sign your letter and get it back as soon as possible if you receive one.B Additionally, call your main point of contact to confirm your acceptance and express your enthusiasm for the position.B Arrange your start date to be as soon as possible.
  • Declining a job offer. It is equally important to punctually and respectfully decline a job offer. Once again, call your main point of contact as well as sending a formal email. Retaining a good relationship with the organization leaves the way open for a different position in the future.

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