Dressing for Success gets you the Job and Promotion

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professional dress shirts

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Fashion trends are fun, but if you’re positioning yourself for a new job, perhaps a promotion within your company, you’ll want to save that sparkly spaghetti-strap top for the weekend. Trendy is as trendy does, says etiquette expert Tiffany Nielsen. You don’t want your clothes to detract from what you do and say.

Tips for dressing professionally:

  • Dress UP - Wear a suit, especially for interviews. Choose conservative colors (brown, black, gray, navy, for example). Because of their versatility, they can be mix-and-matched with other colors shirts, ties and accessories.
  • Accessories - Save the dangly earrings, big-o watches, oversized gold nugget rings, bangle bracelets, and of course, facial piercing jewelry for your nights out with friends. The rule is one ring per hand and understated earrings/necklaces.
  • Appearance - No, you can’t have fingernails the length of a skateboard decorated with jewels and flowers, and so many people have perfume allergies that it’s risky to wear it at work or to an interview. Nothing smells better than clean.

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