Conquering the Art of the Phone Interview

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Source:  FreeDigitalPhotos

Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Phone interviews are becoming more and more common, especially in the early stages of the hiring process. By learning to master the phone interview, you boost your chances of landing that dream position. Here are a few phone interview tips to ensure you come off as confident, intelligent and creative.

  • Realize that the greeting sets the tone for the entire phone interview. Practice your opening lines over and over again until you have them down perfectly. Always identify yourself, and then thank the interviewer for taking the time to speak to you today.
  • Practice confident body language, as this will help keep your confidence levels high. Sit with your back straight, your shoulders square, and your chin up. Get dressed for your phone interview, so you feel the part. Many have found that walking and talking results in better voice projection.
  • Use verbal cues to signal when you are finished answering a question. Instead of just letting your voice trail off, summarize your answer at the end of each question. A simple “and that’s how I solved that challenging problem” works well.

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