Click with the Interviewer

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Sometimes no matter how qualified you are for a position or how well you would fit in with the organization, it all comes down to how well you connect with the interviewer. If you have a big interview on the horizon and want to land the job, we wanted to touch on some helpful interviewing tips for clicking with the interviewer.

interview tips


In many situations, you will be made aware ahead of time the person that will be interviewing you. Take the time to look up that person’s bio on the company website, check out his or her LinkedIn profile, and Google his or her name. Doing this will help you find common connections that you share, whether it be that you graduated from the same school or share a passion for the same non-profit organizations. Knowing this information ahead of time can help you break the ice and form a connection.

Also, take the time to prepare some questions about the company. This will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are generally interested in learning more and that you share a passion for what the company does.

Most importantly, start with a confident handshake, SMILE and enjoy your interview. Whatever the outcome, an interview should be a worthwhile experience for you.

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