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How to Avoid a Big Hiring Mistake

Posted on: August 6th, 2013 by staffnetinc

A big hiring mistake can cost a business enormous sums and hamper its activities, meaning that it is important for businesses to avoid them as much as possible. For the most part, businesses can avoid big mistakes so long as they have a plan in mind and thoroughly evaluate their candidates.Avoid hiring mistakes

Here are three important tips to remember in hiring employees:

  • It is essential that the recruiter understands the duties and responsibilities of the position to be filled. Understanding the position means that the recruiter is in a better position to understand the kind of people best suited to fill the position. Of course, it is also important that recruiters communicate their intentions to potential candidates in a clear and concise manner.


  • Spend the time to evaluate candidates. Interview them through the phone, interview them face-to-face, and use these opportunities to figure out their personalities. Make sure that candidates can either fit into the business or learn to fit into the business.


  • The recruiter should never hesitate to consult others during the hiring position. Speaking to someone in the same position can lend the recruiter valuable insight into the characteristics of the ideal candidate.

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How to Get Noticed by Recruiters

Posted on: July 26th, 2013 by staffnetinc

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The unfortunate truth is that many job seekers are not offered interviews simply because recruiters cannot find them. Follow these tips to ensure you are found instead of your competitors.

  • KEYWORDS. Research what keywords are most relevant to your profession and which terms are the most sought by recruiters. You can discover these by reviewing job descriptions, industry trade articles, and online ads. Include the keywords several times throughout your resume without repeating exact sentences.
  • ABBREVIATIONS. Recruiters may be searching by full titles or abbreviations, so include both just to be sure. Most recruiters use applicant tracking systems, which usually do not make the connection between full titles and abbreviations.
  • AVOID WHITE KEYWORDS. You may have heard that adding keywords to the bottom of your resume in white font is a good way to increase you chances of being noticed by a keyword search. Unfortunately, modern applicant tracking systems turn everything on your resume black meaning white keywords are clearly visible. Instead, ensure you include all your keywords in the main body of your resume.

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Cleaning Up Your Online Presence as a Job Seeker

Posted on: June 19th, 2013 by staffnetinc

Nobody wants to lose out on the chance to get hired at a decent job. One way to make sure you get what you want while job hunting is to take a look at how you’re presenting yourself online. Putting a positive face forward on the Internet will help you get ahead in today’s digital atmosphere.Clearing your online reputation

Search yourself on Google and on social media websites. Doing this helps you stay in control of what’s being said about you. For example, you can enter your name into Google and find out if anyone has posted negative information about you by scrolling down the page.

Check your photos for any images that might turn off potential employers. Take a look at the photos you have posted on any social media websites you are associated with. Remove any images related to partying or that you don’t feel comfortable showing the people you work with.

Bury the negative and turn it into a positive by posting fresh information about your self online. Start a blog that talks about your career goals. After a while you will notice more information about your websites appearing online than anything else.

Leverage Your Staffing Company and Recruiting Firm to Find a Top Job

Posted on: June 14th, 2013 by staffnetinc

If you are tired of searching through endless online job boards only to be told at the interview that you are not right for the position, maybe it is time to take a different approach. Staffing agencies and Recruiting firms are an excellent way to find a job that fits your needs and experience without the stress, time, and hassle of looking for work yourself. Here are just a few things a staffing service will do for you.Job Hunt Leverage

  • PROVIDE YOU WITH THE LATEST JOB OPENINGS. Many companies prefer to use staffing agencies and recruiting firms to fill some positions and refrain completely from advertising elsewhere.
  • HAVE ALL THE HARD WORK COMPLETED FOR YOU. Eliminate the need to do any of the searching yourself while receiving information on the most appropriate positions for you.
  • FIND WORK THAT SUITS YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. If you are looking for a permanent or contract position that matches your skill set, professional recruiters will provide you with the appropriate offerings.
  • BE ELIGIBLE FOR BENEFITS. You are more likely to receive vacations, holidays, health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits when you find work through a professional recruiter or staffing agency.

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3 Staffing Agency Myths Debunked

Posted on: June 10th, 2013 by staffnetinc

Due to misunderstandings about the purpose and function of job staffing and recruiting firms, many people are missing out on a chance to boost their career as well as seek a new position on a confidential basis. Job seekers often believe that they can do better by looking for work on their own. Following are the top three myths about staffing agencies debunked plus more.Staffing Agency Myths Debunked

  • YOU HAVE TO PAY A FEE TO USE STAFFING AGENCIES. Reputable firms do not charge candidates anything for their services. Firms make their income from their client companies when they fill a job opening.
  • STAFFING FIRMS ARE ONLY SUITABLE FOR ENTRY LEVEL JOBS. Agencies offer jobs at all levels of experience from entry level to executive. Many find employees for all types of businesses, while others specialize in a particular industry. Staffing firms also often have confidential job opportunities as well. These are positions you would not be aware of but through a reputable staffing firm.
  • STAFFING FIRMS WILL TALK YOU INTO A ROLE YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED IN. Recruiting firms guarantee their placements. It does not behoove them to talk anyone into a role they don’t anticipate will be long term. They also want to provide the best service possible to their hiring clients to maintain that business relationship. And don’t forget, Recruiters are always looking for good referral candidates and a happy candidate will send their friends their way.
  • STAFFING AGENCIES ONLY OFFER TEMPORARY JOBS. Some staffing firms specialize in permanent placements and some temporary. Some firms do both but usually their expertise is one or the other. Be sure to let your staffing recruiter know what type of position you are seeking and what their specialty is.

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