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Staff Net, Inc.'s business partners  

Staff Net, Inc. has numerous business affiliations with many clients in the entire Metro Detroit area. We hesitate to disclose the names of these clients on our web site, without their permission. Since our clients have enlisted the assistance of Staff Net to recruit for their company, we respect their privacy and maintain their undisclosed identity to prevent unqualified candidates from contacting them directly.

However, we would be glad to disclose the name of the client who has an open position within their organization upon a scheduled in-person interview in our office.

We only place administrative people in the finest fortune 500 companies that meet our employment environment safety standards.

Most of our clients belong to professional organziations such as the city's local Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, we know that they are reputable business people in the community. Likewise, when Staff Net receives an inquiry on a new client requesting our staffing services, we always make an appointment with them to meet in person to understand their staffing requirment and conduct a site visit. This ensures our success and enables us to accurately communicate the specifics of the position, environment, client's expectations, dress code, etc. to any candidate. We cannot expect you to be successful in doing your job, if we haven't done ours!

We also have other employment agency partners who work with us. In other words, if Staff Net, Inc. is unable to offer you a position immediately, we will refer to our business partners to see if they are working on any open positions that suit your skill level. In the event they happen to have an open position for which we feel you are suited for, Staff Net, Inc. will take the liberty of forwarding your resume, scheduling any interview appointments necessary and forwarding any pertinent evaluation information. Therefore, making it unnecessary to duplicate the entire evaluation process.

We go to these measures because finding you a well suited position is our goal, even if it is not through our company.



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