3 Social Media Tips for Your Job Search

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Social media and job searching is often a topic that has many approaches to it. Some make the mistake of having no social media presence.  However, this idea isn’t necessarily the best idea. Instead of taking yourself and your social media presence off the map, make them employer-friendly and chances are you will have better reactions throughout your job search. Check out a few tips for using social media to work with your job search, not against it:

Photo by Stuart Miles courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

Photo by Stuart Miles courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

  • Clean up your Facebook: You can absolutely have a presence on Facebook during your job search, just as long as it meets all the needs for being employer friendly. In order to do so, un-tag any photos that may cast a negative light on you. Only update your status with proactive items versus pointless ones, such as ‘I’m bored.’ Try posting a status that links to a work-appropriate article you find of interest and want to share with your friends.
  • Enhance your LinkedIn presence: Many companies have a presence on LinkedIn and are active in using it. Simply having a LinkedIn account is not good enough. Prove to potential employers that you are being proactive in your job search and you are aggressive in your efforts by making sure everything is filled out on your profile. Make your goals and information clear and understandable. Be sure your LinkedIn profile is a complete match with your resume and employment history. You should also be active on LinkedIn by posting updates that relate to your industry and skill set.
  • Make contact through Twitter: Your Twitter account is also a wonderful resource when it comes to job searching. Many companies that are active on Twitter will post Tweets about current job openings. You should feel free to contact the company through Twitter or email about a job opening that catches your eye.

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