3 Reasons to Search for Jobs During the Holiday Season

Posted on: November 1st, 2011 by kwalker

It is a common thought that the months of November and December are less than favorable for job hunting. Most people assume that employers are too busy wrapping up the end of the year or focused on getting a little time off. However, finding a job during the holiday season can be easier than most people think. Instead of assuming people and businesses are busy this holiday season, try kicking up your job search.

Take charge this holiday season and increase your job search efforts.

  • One of the benefits of job searching in the holiday season is, there is low or no competition. People automatically assume businesses will not pay proper attention to applications or resumes due to the stress of the holidays. However, the holiday season often puts employers in a more receptive and amiable mood.
  • The upcoming season often means your family and friends will be around. Take this time to casually network with them and get insights into the other people they may know in your field. It can be easy to forget that your friends and family are great networking connections.
  • While attending holiday parties should be for enjoyment, take this chance to do some light networking. Being genuinely interested in what a fellow party guest does in career terms can lead to new networking contacts and information into the field you are looking to join.

Instead of slowing down your job search efforts this holiday season, try taking accelerating them and taking them to the next level.

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