2 Job Offers: How to Make a Decision

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Obtaining a job offer is an achievement in itself. Retooling that resume, going on an extensive job hunt, going in for interviews; all of those things take hard work. But what do you do if you’ve gotten two job offers instead of just one?

choosing between two jobs

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If you’ve gotten two job offers at the same time, then you’ll want to ask the employers to give you some reasonable time to think it over. This will help buy you a window of opportunity to compare the two job offers. You’ll want to consider such things as salary, benefits, bonuses, the type of work, the chance of career progression, vacation time, commute, corporate culture, location and more.

If you’ve already accepted an offer before receiving the second offer, think long and hard about rescinding your acceptance. You may be risking your professional integrity by turning down a job you’ve already accepted, even if the second offer is more attractive. Explaining your dilemma to the first company might be an approach to evaluate, communicating as politely as possible why you are in a quandary after already accepting their offer.

Use these tips when offered two jobs at once. For additional advice on accepting job offers, be sure to contact us at StaffNet today.