What Recruiters Look for in a New Hire

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Job hunting nowadays is very competitive, so it’s time to put your best foot forward to snag that position you’ve had your eye on. But what do recruiters look for in a new hire? You may be surprised by the What-recruiters-look-foranswers!

1. An error-free resume
A resume with spelling and grammatical errors is a sign of a person who’s not meticulous enough to proofread their work. Why should they hire you if you can’t even get your resume right?

2. A good first impression
A well-dressed applicant with a positive attitude trumps unprepared and disheveled. So put on your best business outfit, give your best smile, and come ready to present your skill set and career experience. Work on that firm handshake, too.

3. A remarkable impact on past jobs
Did you make a difference in the last company you’re with? Recruiters are more interested in how you left an impact than in what kind of tasks you performed before.

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